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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 29, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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an oakland high school coach on administrative leave avid yo surfaced shows him in a shoving match with a student. >> cell phone video posted to twitter shows a high school student stand up on a team bus and a coach shout at him to sit down. the video posted shows the coach apparently pushing the student. the altercation escalates with the two ending up on the other side of the aisle. that has prompted an investigation by the oakland unified school district which confirms the student is a senior but did not release his name. >> the coach has been identif d
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identified. he has worked there for four years as junior varsity football coach and teacher. he is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. >> laura anderson talked to him on the phone and he said he obtained an attorney. more later today on abc 7 news. we are learning details about the most recent death of an inmate in the santa clara county jail. the man was found unresponsive in his cell yesterday. matt keller joins us from the jail with the latest. >> reporter: this investigation is still in its early stages. the coroner has yet to start the anticipate. if anyone did anything wrong inside this jail, they will be punished says the sheriff. a death inside a jail is not uncommon. the sheriff's office is being transparent after a man was found unresponsive in his cell yesterday. deputies, fire fight erdz aeght
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unable to revive him. >> we are talking to all witnesses, looking at his records and all his records previous to getting into our custody. >> reporter: the sheriff's department said they are not releasing his name. he was 33 years old. he was arrested tw eed twice in september. four counts of account and battery and one count of drunk in public. officials would not say which floor he was on whether he died. a person familiar with the investigation says the 33-year-old was on the 8th floor where inmates with mental health issues are houses. activists have claimed jail is not a good place for offenders suffering from mental health issues. this comes a month after the death of another inmate. the medical examiner says he died of blunt force trauma and internal bleeding. three deputies were arrested and charged with murder. >> we were fast. we were transparent. in this case, we're doing the same thing, we're investigating.
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if it's determined there's foul play, we will hold those people accountable. >> reporter: the inmate was on suicide watch, which would not be uncommon here on the eighth floor at the santa clara county jail. as for the investigation, the sheriff's office says they hope to have the autopsy results by the end of this week. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. we have new details on the case of san francisco 49er linebacker lamar brooks. he pleaded not guilty this morning. his former teammate was indicted last month on a felony rape charge involving the same woman after a party after mcdonald's home. brooks' next court date is october 28. he is still under contract with the 49ers. we know the identities of two men shot and killed inside a car last night. the victims were 33 and 31 years
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old. they died shortly after 8:15 p.m. in the air aftersan prea o area. an online post it service has agreed to paid $4 million to settle a consumer lawsuit filed. prosecutors say offered a trial without clearly disclosing customers would be enrolled in their fee-based monthly service. they will pay $2.5 million in penalties and $1.5 million in restitution to victims. it agreed to make changes in its website so customers can more easily understand the fees. the north branch of the berkeley library just reopened. book lovers can get their fix again after the library fixed a nasty little problem, bed bugs. >> reporter: there were people here when the library opened at
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10:00. they were happy to have the library back. it opened at 10:00 this morning after being shut down over the weekend and yesterday. officials found bed bugs friday morning. they were in the men's rest room under the desks in the public computer area and a chair in the adult reading area. they did a heat and steam treatment and believe it is safe to reopen this location. other branchs here in berkeley will be checked for bed bugs out of caution. customers were surprised to hear that this happened. >> they're doing their job, which is very good. apparently all of those sites are being inspected. which is very good. the public library is being responsible. i come here every day. i'm very happy. i know these people. they're decent people. it concerned me a little bit. >> it's odd. i wouldn't think it would be an issue unless i lie down on the carpet or something. this place was just renovated.
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i don't know. >> reporter: this also happened in palo alto. bed bugs were found on chairs there inside that building last week. they shut it down to clean it and get rid of the pests. they reopened sunday. berkeley plans to use bug sniffing dogs at other branchs this thursday to see if they are clear. no one was available for comment this morning. our camera was not allowed inside. >> thank you so much. we are experiencing a beautiful day around the bay. a little fall chill in the air. >> a little bit. some of the clouds over the san francisco area, lo. let's check in for more on what it's like where you live. >> within the past half hour, we are starting to see the break out in san francisco. temperatures are beginning to
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respond. look right now. the temperatures are in the 60s in most spots. 61 in san francisco. 65 in san jose. napa, 61. future weather will show you will be in and out of cloud throughout the afternoon. by 2:00, we will have sunshine in the south bay, more in the way of clear skies in the north bay. by 7:00, the clouds continue to filter back in onshore bringing us fog and low clouds. if you are headed to at&t park this evening, grab the hoodie. temperatures in the 60s to start dropping to the 50s by the ninth inning. the cold front that brought us the chill could bring us showers. he will look at that in the forecast in a little bit. >> thank you so much. planned parenthood is under intense scrutiny as the head of the non-profit is called to testify on capitol hill. republicans are blasting the organization for allegedly selling fetal tissue for profit which is prohibited by law. more on the debate and what's at stake. >> reporter: a half a million
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dollars is at stake that they receive from the federal government. they had to defend its practices for the first time since the allegations surfaced. the partisan attacks came at full force. >> if they're going to accept taxpayer dollars, they will have to withstand the scrutiny of congress asking tough questions about how they spend that money. >> reporter: house republicans want to de-fund planned parenthood for alleged illegal practices in the hot seat, the head of the non-profit. >> it's a shame to think that there are people in this country who are so committed to ending women's access to both birth control and safe and legal abortion that they will resort to any means. >> reporter: the controversy stems from a series of video recordings released by center for medical progress that suggests planned parenthood employees were negotiating selling fetal tissue. now four different congressional committees are investigating the matter. richards fired back saying her organization has nothing to hide. sg >> the outraging accusations,
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based on heavy doctored videos, are offensive and categorically untrue. using fetal tissue in life saving medical research is legal. >> reporter: she explained they donate not sell fetal tissue. she says less than 1% of their clinics participate in this program. democrats say this is not about the video, rather conservative philosophy aimed at opposing a woman's right to choose. >> the facts are on our side. we're proud of the healthcare that we deliver. >> reporter: that's 500 million that is at stake for planned parenthood. the house is expected to vote later today that could stop funding for the organization which was set to expire tomorrow. >> thank you so much. a new poll out finds the majority of americans approve the government support for planned parenthood. two-thirds surveyed in the poll say funding should continue. 29% say it should be cut off. the other 6% are undecided.
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>> planned parenthood is fighting back against the harsh criticism with a new campaign under way today called national pink out day. it's offering free testing for sexually transmitted diseases. it points out it provides a variety of health services, including birth control and cancer screenings. they serve more than 2 million clients. president obama and kanye west will hit the stage together in san francisco next month. the two are teaming up for a democratic national committee fund-raising october 10th. west is scheduled to perform. ticket prices start at $250 and go up to $10,000. the blue angels are returning to the bay area next month for a sear rifdz spries o. it's part of fleet week. the shows take place october 9, 10 and 11. the air show is a demonstration of tricky maneuvers including tucks and rolls and inverted formations. thousands are expected to watch the show which is visible from
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san francisco. i'm thrilled that years ago i got to ride with them. it was awesome. >> a >> and you didn't throw up? >> i wanted to. fear over football. is it worth it for your child to play? the new case that has some parents and even doctors saying it's not worth the risk. the fight for justice after paul walker's untimely death. the new allegations about why the car cash could have been prevented. more of this guy on the
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we're following breaking news out of west oak laland. police are investigating after a body was found. they have not confirmed whether it's a male or female. officers are trying to determine how the body got there and how long it was there before anyone found it. paul walker's 16-year-old daughter is suing porsche claiming the car that the late actor died in had a design defect. the actor was riding in a porsche doing more than 100 miles an hour when it crashed in southern california in 2013. the lawsuit claims the car's defects kept the actor trapped inside and failed to prevent it from catching fire after the collision. he was a passenger notice car. his daughter is looking for unspecified damaged. family and friends of yogi
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berra are saying good-bye. a public memorial is scheduled for sunday at the museum in new jersey. the unexpected death of a high school football star in new jersey is putting a new spotlight on internal organ injuries. >> parents who are worried about the dangers of concussions and spinal injuries have a new concern this morning. the autopsy report of 17-year-old evan murray shows he died of an abdominal hemorrhage. it's a condition few parents know about. >> we don't know what caused the enlarged spleen. the most frequent cause is a common infection. the cdc recommends teens who have mono avoid contact sports until they are fully recovered. >> murray took two hard body
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blows in a football game this weekend, but he walked off, gave a thumbs up. he shortly passed away a little bit later after the hospital. the forecast ahead. we have baseball on our mind. >> cool tonight. live look outside. a fair amount of cloud cover. the clouds could give way to showers. >> thank you. twitter is trying to attract new users. the big change for the social media giant. monkey business in florida. what we're learning about this guy's escape that has everybody
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the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. to investigate it prosecute it and stop criminals our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud you can help guard your medicare card don't give out your card number over the phone call to report any suspected fraud we're cracking down on medicare fraud let's make medicare stronger for all of us
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video out of florida is getting people talking this morning. the amomonkey on the loose. it escaped its owner's home. it was seen looking around there. it lasted for 25 minutes before he was recaptured and returned to his owner. all safe and sound. >> just wanted a little play outing. let's check in withdrew, che and check the weather. >> satellite showing you, we have cloud cover overhead. right now, we are rain free. outside, a live look showing you sunshine getting to break out. temperatures are responding to the sunshine. 61 in san francisco. oakland, 63. 64 in san carlos. half moon bay, 63 degrees.
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multiple layers of cloud cover. 61 in santa rosa. one final look. the forecast calls for the clouds today. then we will track a cold front that will give us a chance at light showers wednesday and thursday. it will turn warmer the end of the week and the weekend. cloud cover overhead and it's ahead of a cold front. here is the low pressure in the pacific. that's going to progress to the east overnight and into wednesday. on wednesday, the afternoon, 1:00 in the afternoon, rain showers south of san jose. i think the best bet for finding light sprinkles will be early thursday morning. thursday morning, 7:00 in the morning, likely tracking light showers south of san francisco. the best chance in the south bay
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around san jose. highs for today, starting in the south bay, nice afternoon, sunshi sunshine, 77 san jose. along the peninsula, mild. 64, half moon bay. downtown san francisco today, up to 66. 62 for daily city. today, 83 lakeport. 79 for napa. oakland, up to 72. 70 in berkeley. comfortable inland. 79 for walnut creek. here is your seven-day forecast. today, partly cloudy out there. tomorrow afternoon on wednesday, likely light showers moving through, primarily in the south bay. that will continue into thursday morning. behind that cold front, it's one warm day. temperatures rebound by ten degrees. we cool off saturday and sunday. it's a cool breeze. it continues into monday.
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watch tomorrow afternoon and thursday morning for the showers. here is something you might want to tweet about. no need to keep it short. they are reporting twitter is building a new product that will allow users to share tweets longer than 140 characters. they are trying to attract new users. they have eliminated the 140 character limit for direct messages. this will be twitter's first longer-form product within twittercounting images. virgin america is making it more fun to fly. the airline launched netflix on board. passengers get a year of free movies. netflix said the inability to stream on a plane was a temporary problem. they replaced its previous in-flight wi-fi system with a faster system powered by satellite. fuelling up with a cup of joe. >> more reason than ever on
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national coffee day, today. you can get your fix for
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coming up at 4:00, the new way to hit the jackpot without leaving your house. sticker shock from medical
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bills. how to avoid the surprise costs. that's on abc 7 news at 5:00. if you need an extra jolt of caffei caffeine, today is the perfect day to do it. >> it's national coffee day. to celebrate, several chains are offering free coffee today. >> at pete's, a free small cup with a purchase of food. chr whole foods, a small cup for a quarter. it continues through tomorrow with a free coffee for rewards members. >> viewers have been sending us their photos. even the k-9s are getting into the craze. we want to know about your coffee style. >> i saw a cute picture of you and drew today. post a picture on social media with the #abc7now. >> was that 2:00 in the morning? >> trying to stay awake.
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>> you are adorable. >> thank you. what's your favorite brew? >> dark roast. >> it has to be french roast. >> french vanilla. >> thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. a live look outside. enjoy the day.
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>> welcome to "off to college week." today, we've got some young people with us who are going off to college this fall, and they've just been handed their first assignment: win a million dollars right here, right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison, and welcome to the show. are you guys ready for a special "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] it is "off to college week." as the valedictorian of a graduating class of over 500 students, our returning contestant got almost a perfect score on the sats, acts, five advanced placement exams--oh, and she's going off to cornell university. she's a great test-taker. she's already proven that, because she's used her skills to get up to $30,000 already. from liverpool, new york, please welcome back susie l


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